6 Ton 4 Post Vehicle Lift Extra Wide With Jacking Beams Aecl4600w



Work on all light commercial and RVs with ease with this extra wide lift
6 TON 4 POST LIFT, Pneumatic Safety Lock Release, With 24 Volt Control Box overall width 3800mm, overall length 5000mm


Designed for the workshop dedicated to helping their customers, ensuring their safety by providing extensive full vehicle checks. The use of a 4 post lift allows the professional technician to thoroughly examine the engine, drive train, body and suspension thus saving the need for expensive maintenance work when warning signs can be detected and early rectification carried out.
CE Certified suitable for vehicle repair and maintenance service workshops
6 Ton lifting capacity
2 Jacking beams.
Manual single point lock release, easy to operate
Aluminum shell motor prevents overheating.
Low profile, minimum height is 270mm.
The heavy duty steel wire drum, ensures the vehicles safety.
Adjustable runways make the lift suitable for a greater range of vehicles.
The automatic operated mechanical lock engages every 50mm in the lifting process to ensure the vehicle lifting safety.
Runway synchronizer system prevents vehicles from tilt possibly.
The hydraulic system is equipped with device for over-load prevention.
Protection against steel rope breakage device provided.
24V safety voltage used for control system.
Routine testing with 115% dynamic and 150% static loading.

Clear Floor 2 Post Hoist


Model No. AECL4600W
Lifting Capacity 6000 kg
Maximum Lifting Height 1800 mm
Minimum Height 184mm
Lifting Time 55-60 Sec
Lowering Time 48-55 Sec.
Overall Height 2250 mm
Overall Width (Drive through) 3800 mm
Overall Width (With Hydraulic Pump) 3645 mm
Overall Length (Without Ramps) 5500 mm
Overall Length (With Ramps) 6860 mm
Width Between Runway 910 mm
Runway Width 550 mm
Runway Length 4600 mm
Air Supply 6-8 bar
Read Oil Pressure 20 mpa
Motor Power 3 KW
Electricity Supply 415V/50Hz/3Phase